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Last Updated: Sep 1, 2015

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"I don't know that a man would be treated the same way that Hillary is," he said
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The move comes at a time when video-on-demand users have already become comfortable fast-fowarding through advertising on their DVRs
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He got up at 4am every day, delivering the morning newspapers while I helped by stuffing the Sunday papers with supplements
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Finally came that hideous loss in the rain to the Padres, and the Mets had fallen three behind the Nationals
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The findings suggest that such methods could soon be applied to even larger, more complex domains
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Arenas never regained his form and bounced around with several teams, while Crittenton was sentenced to 23 years in prison in connection with his involvement in a murder in 2011.
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Why add four more meaningless games to the burden on his knee and risk a debilitating injury in the preseason?
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We won in South Africa and we won in the West Indies, but apart from that I think South Africa may have won.You've got to win away from home to be the best team, and we didn't do that here.”
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pumping, special latching innovations).
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Secretary of State John Kerry amid the recent intensified high-level diplomatic contacts over Syria and fighting the Sunni jihadis.
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If Matt Simms is the odd man out in Buffalo, he could get cut and come back to the Jets
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They are not in rebuilding mode.
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The production shift from Mexico was negotiated as part of the 2011 collective agreement negotiated with the UAW
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To secure the loans, successive governments have had to implement spending cuts, tax hikes and reforms.
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The Model S started production in miod-2012.
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And hopefully everybody walks away healthy and says, ”We got something out of this.’ ”
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The world's most powerful planned fusion reactor, a huge device called ITER that is under construction in France, is expected to cost around $40 billion
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More efforts are needed to persuade and support women to kick the habit
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I was also just joking back in 2006 when I said on "The View" that "If Ivanka wasn't my daughter, perhaps I'd be dating her." If Megyn doesn't like that either, maybe I'll stop being so nice to her.
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And his mind remains so sharp, he still remembers where he was on Oct
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Rather than try to have the perfect game, I was going to make sure that, if balls came into areas where I felt comfortable scoring, I was going to make sure I made it count.”
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The central bank has repeatedly cut interest rates andbanks' reserve requirement to boost credit and lower borrowingcosts, and further policy easing is widely expected to avert asharper slowdown.
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I'm going to do things for women that no other candidate will be able to do," he said on CNN's 'State of the Union,' promising to do more for women's health care than anyone.
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For the second quarter of this year, 51.3percent of Facebook's $4 billion in revenue came from outsidethe U.S
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"I have rescinded my invitation to Mr
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Of Lagares winning back the everyday gig, Collins said, “We’re not going to try to change it right now
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The unidentified man has made two appearances at Brooklyn criminal court since but officials do not believe that is where he contracted the disease.
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He cornered him in a room in the dealership, where Taylor began approaching him and refused commands to surrender.
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Though Moscow denies it, Russian military involvement in rebel areas is widely reported and its soldiers have been captured
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DistrictJudge Thomas Griesa had improperly expanded a class of investorswho hold certain bonds and are seeking repayment following thecountry's $100 billion default in 2002.
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Ted Wells came in slanted against me and everything in his report was slanted against me
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So was the endless sea of twirling yellow Terrible Towels there to greet them and the outpouring of compassion for the legend who wasn't there.
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“We were talking about what to do, and if Adam was ready, but Nova was pitching his butt off and it’s a ground-ball guy, so I stuck with him,” Girardi said
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Polar bears were declared endangered in 2008, under President Bush’s period because of the decrease in sea ice which polar bears use to breed and hunt from global warming
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NHS North Staffordshire Clinical Commissioning Group has failed local people by deciding it will no longer fund hearing aids for those with mild hearing loss
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"I think the merits are very, very strong and I think the president does too," he said.
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Both are former businessmen with more orthodox policies thanFernandez, whose high public spending has drained fiscalaccounts and fueled inflation while currency and trade controlsslowed investment.
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