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Last Updated: Sep 1, 2015

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The clip shows a person police identify as Harris grabbing a handgun from his waistband and running toward a parking lot, police say in response to the other shots being fired.

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One of Britain’s most exciting gymnastic talents, Fragapane was named BBC Young Sports Personality of the Year in 2014

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Some of those states, like Virginia and Colorado, are also key swing states next year.

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"I don't know that a man would be treated the same way that Hillary is," he said

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The bomb which would hit Nagasaki on 9 August 1945 was nicknamed Fat Man by the Americans

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But once the recapitalisation is complete and the eurozone had agreed a new bailout for the Greek government,depositors will be reassured and capital controls can be lifted.

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When announcing the program, officials said research proves letting parents stay with their infants "supports critical bonding, healthy infant brain development, and parental well-being

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Just got on w/thought”, Trump tweeted.

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And while Republicans definitely fall behind Democrats with women voters, Dems fall even further behind with men.

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WHILE it seems that concerns over infrastructure appear before every Olympics, Rio’s problems are worse than usual

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"Municipal" is simple tap water, from towns and cities like Abbotsford, British Columbia, and Montpelier, Ohio, looking for a point of civic pride

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Parker was charged with assault and battery, malicious destruction of property, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, and is being held on $25,000

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Cameras caught wide receiver Rishard Matthews and cornerback Jamar Taylor going at it on Tuesday, just one day after tackle Ja'Wuan James and defensive end Kendall Montgomery exchanged blows

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But then the Lady W script arrived, and she couldn’t put it down

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But Mourinho was wrong to speak publicly

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The practice means that retailers do not pay 20% VAT on goods sold to customers travelling outside the EU

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Cruz said he will travel to Cincinnati and participate in individual drills, but he will not take part in anything against Bengals defenders

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"The father was a strong and tall man

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The bell was said to be in good condition, though it would require a months-long conservation process

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Some have told her they regret having the procedure, she said

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"We expect the current difficult global economic environmentto persist," Chief Executive Kasper Rorsted said in a statementon Wednesday

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grounded into a force play at second, and Iglesias didn't throw to first to try for a double play — but there was little chance he would have been able to turn one

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They all stand accused of bribing officials in exchange for Petrobras contracts.

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All of the 34 players on the current USA Basketball roster, from which the team of 12 will be drawn for the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics, are attending at least some of this week's program

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Never mind whether the deal would work better than the alternative until that far-off day arrives.

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Why? Because the game was just too fun

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That led him to a revitalized brand of coaching, melding his hard-nosed, rub-some-dirt-on-it mentality with a new, more relaxed approach.

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"You cannot come here and compare London to Rio - it's a different level of development

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He threw enough incompletions to draw the ire of a crowd that filled half the lower bowl of MetLife Stadium

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The size of GE's finance arm - GE Capital - and thepotential risk stemming from its lending portfolio has made itsubject to government oversight

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Foreshew-Cain wrote: "When John and I talked about it last week, we talked about how far we’ve come and how our greatest strength is the people here

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SAN FRANCISCO, Aug 11 (Reuters) - China's 2 percentdevaluation of the yuan hit global equities and U.S

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Cooky has done exceptionally well

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"To say that you have an 'award-winning' bottled water is really amazing," Cataldo explained

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A senior Palestinian official, speaking on condition of anonymity as he wasn't allowed to discuss the leak, confirmed the documents authenticity to The Associated Press

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Scioli showed up to vote in a bright orange rain jacket,smiling but with bags under his eyes after weeks of hardcampaigning

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The ministers also discussed possible Saudi purchases ofRussian arms ahead of a planned visit by the Saudi king toMoscow

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But as Ice is also producing in the film, andO’Shea Jr

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Sony's "Ricki and the Flash" got off to a slower start,picking up $7 million from 1,603 theaters