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Last Updated: Sep 1, 2015

But the organization said restricting performances to the specified zones will actually be more inclusive than the current rules that just tell performers where they can't be.

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The more than 70,000 who died in Nagasaki in the Aug

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“I think [male guards doing searches] creates a level of anxiety

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This study will provide an accurate baseline of the cognitive functions of healthy adults over the age of 50," he noted.

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"I don't know why he wants to raise taxes on students — that's the result," Clinton said.

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The money helps keep thousands of foreign NGOs active in Haiti.

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Susana Martinez, however, said she would not take anything off the table and that the EPA should be held to the same standards as industry.

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Rapper Sean Price has been found dead in his New York City apartment at the age of 43

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A seaside wonderland for families with young kids, tweens and teens, Wildwood is a three-hour drive south of New York City

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The violence has alsodisrupted the power grid.

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Men talk to their families and GPs more, while women are more likely to talk to their friends

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If I serve well there's only so much people can do

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As with most things Mourinho does, his distractions are rather more sophisticated

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Klaussmann evokes all of this so well, never straining for effect

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"This case illustrates how cyber criminals and those whocommit securities fraud are evolving and becoming moresophisticated," U.S

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I'd gone in quite cheerful and come out with the words "widow maker" rattling around in my brain

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When he tried to leave he was kidnapped and threatened with brutal violence: "They said they were gonna chop me up," he says

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“Skin cancer is something that we all need to be on the lookout for, but it’s also something we can prevent, catch early, and treat extremely effectively,” says Rosenberg

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Pret a Manger, known for fancy sandwiches such as wildcrayfish & rocket and beech-smoked BLT, has already seeninterest from potential bidders, the source said

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The agency tried but failed to come up with those rules last year after several meetings with pot manufacturers

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The crowd at DEF CON is a mass of self-proclaimed misfits, rebels, and iconoclasts, and while much of that is obviously empty posturing, it still always cheers me up

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Earlier, when Colbert was asked if he was going to utilize the usual “monologue, guest, musical guest” routine, he replied, “Well, that sounds boring”.

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The Yankees, who have scored the second-most runs in the majors, behind only Toronto, have dropped three out of four games

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Michael Conforto came out of Double-A to provide some big swings and some life to the batting order

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The drive normally takes less than an hour, but thousands were fleeing and the Atallahs only arrived in Erbil after midnight.

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Korchevsky's wife told the judgethat 99 percent of her husband's travel was in his role as apastor

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She placed buckets in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in both bedrooms

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Another member of the families' legal team, Kent Yalowitz, echoed Leitner's claim that the Palestinian leadership cannot claim poverty while paying killers

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This relies entirely on the split-second reflexes of a real human – a robot equipped that had to rely on visual feedback from a camera would be likely to fail in righting itself.

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The slump in the yuan has impacted German carmakers andEuropean luxury goods stocks, since China is one of their topexport markets

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You have to call ahead to book an English-speaking tour, and you’ll need one, because there are no printed explanations on the walls

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and Israel would have to go it alone.

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She hopes to have a future with Affleck and has made that clear to producers seeking interviews.

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But Neil Armstrong's step on the Moon was a moment for the entire planet, briefly bringing together a divided and war-torn world.

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They must be at least 6weeks old, and can continue to come in until they are 6months old, or start to crawl

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Kerry warned of a potential loss of U.S

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There could be debate about numbers - the precise number of millions of Stalin's victims - but not about the bulk of the facts presented.

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"It's going to be a fight that both guys are trying to hurt each other."

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Relatives and friends described Brown as a quiet, gentle giant who stood around 6-foot-3 and weighed nearly 300 pounds

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A brother who lives there has started the paperwork, but prospects are uncertain.

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Arrest warrants were issued for four other men

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Cornerbacks Curtis Brown and Keith Lewis also sat out with injuries.