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Last Updated: Sep 1, 2015

We won in South Africa and we won in the West Indies, but apart from that I think South Africa may have won.You've got to win away from home to be the best team, and we didn't do that here.”

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pumping, special latching innovations).

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During that period, its market value shrank to $90million from $540 million - its stock has fallen nearly 80percent this year alone to Tuesday's close of 20 cents.

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If Matt Simms is the odd man out in Buffalo, he could get cut and come back to the Jets

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We have apologised to Mrs Cotton and offered a gesture of goodwill."

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They are not in rebuilding mode.

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Glen Canyon National Recreation Area officials said visitors will be warned starting Monday to avoid drinking, swimming or boating on affected stretches of the lake and river until further notice.

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Styled with simple black courts and side swept hair, the look is pure sizzling sophistication.

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(Reporting by Jonathan Stempel in New York; Editing by BernardOrr)

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When announcing the program, officials said research proves letting parents stay with their infants "supports critical bonding, healthy infant brain development, and parental well-being

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Speculation that an interest-rate rise is drawing nearer propelled to U.S

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Inviting dissidents would risk a boycott by Cuban officials including those who negotiated with the U.S

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Fifty years ago both countries had similar GDP per capita rates

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The Model S started production in miod-2012.

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Trentino governor Ugo Rossi in late July asked Italy's Environmental Ministry to grant licenses allowing problem bears to be killed

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Luckily, Old Town isn’t large

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The world's most powerful planned fusion reactor, a huge device called ITER that is under construction in France, is expected to cost around $40 billion

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Korchevsky's wife told the judge that 99 percent of her husband’s travel was in his role as a pastor.

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Just a few feet away from the leather recliner where he takes in every game is a Citi Field replica brick purchased by his grandkids

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We say ‘oh you have to love the shirt’

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and elsewhere who made the stock trades.

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More efforts are needed to persuade and support women to kick the habit

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He pleaded not guilty in a court appearance hours after his arrest.

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But there have been no studies linking the sweeteners to human health risks, according to the federal government.

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“Are they twins?” was the inevitable opener, followed by: “Are they identical?” “They’re gorgeous” It made me feel annihilated

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Rather than try to have the perfect game, I was going to make sure that, if balls came into areas where I felt comfortable scoring, I was going to make sure I made it count.”